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solex 09-07-2004 08:53 AM

dd_rhelp / dd_rescue

I have been running dd_rhelp for about 3 days now on a 16 GB partition and it is still running. Does dd_rhelp continue indefinitely or is there a point at which the program will stop running or can I stop it?

From what I have learned (if some one can be so kind as to confirm this) I now have about a 16 GB image of the drive which I should be able to mount using the mount command in a loop back mode. Some research has stated that I need to run fsck on this image file, is this true and how would I run it if it was originally a reiser file system? After the image has been mounted I should be able to view it as though it was a standard linux partition and copy files to another drive?

Again if some one could please confirm the above comments with some details that would be appreciated.

Thank you,

karlan 09-07-2004 09:24 PM

make sure you reiserfs tools install, and perform an fsck on the image. It may be that you have to have the disk on media for fsck to work, but I can neither confirm, nor deny, these allegations:D

Also, dd_rescue isn't any better than dd in most aspects, if you are a fan of wasting time, just try a "dd conv=noerror", I believe..... Sorry, i'm windows machine right now

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