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djabbot 01-05-2005 06:34 AM

Custom Icons
Where can you get some cool icons for your desktop & other Linux icons? I have a few in my toolbar that look kinda rough in compairison to my nice SuSE KDE skinned ones so i want to replace them. XMMS & Firefox for example.

Also where is the directory that all the icons are kept in so i can put downloaded ones there?

XavierP 01-05-2005 06:53 AM

Go to and grab some icons and themes from there. They should all come with instructions.

oneandoneis2 01-05-2005 08:59 AM

kde-look is a fantastic resource, even for us non-KDE users.

I use the marbles icons, myself.

What WM are you using? KDE? Gnome? Something more lightweight?

djabbot 01-05-2005 01:20 PM

thanks guys. this site looks good.

Im using KDE. it was in my first post.

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