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StarNiell 05-21-2009 04:00 AM

[SOLVED] Cups via Samba (printer on Windows XP workstation)
I've an Windows XP workstation + Samsung ML1710 USB Printer and an Linux gOS workstation.

Installing the cups driver on the Linux workstation for "Windows Printing via SAMBA", model "Samsung ML1710" (i've checked various PPD file driver: Samsung, OpenPrinting, gdi, etc...) and testing it, i've get more papers with strange characters from the printer and is need remove the element from the "Windows printer queue" and shutdown the printer.

Note: in the Windows printer queue element details, i can see that the "print type" is TEXT (no GRAPHIC!!!) and the total pages number is 0 (zero)

Installing the printer directly on the Linux workstation (USB port) it work fine and i can use it.

Somebody can help me?... Thanks

StarNiell 05-21-2009 09:31 AM

SOLVED... Set the default print process to RAW on XP wrkstation

simply set the default print processor to RAW on Windows XP Samsung ML1710 printer properties.

...under "Printers and Fax", right click on the Printer, click Properties, click the Advanced Tab, click the "Print Processor" button and set the default value to RAW.

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