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kaz2100 09-21-2008 09:44 PM

CUPS troubleshoot/ From Debian to network where to start???

I need help to figure out where to start.

Problem is: CUPS does not work as I expect.

Printer is connected to Dell Windoes and it works. From my Debian, CUPS can detect it, can spool, and it prints (but not when command is sent.) It prints whenever completely unpredictable. Maybe a while later, maybe 2 days later.....

Situation is same when I print from Macintosh OS/X.

CUPS web interface can detect that printer and says

Description: Canon LBP3410
Printer State: stopped, accepting jobs.
"The process "PrintJobMgr" terminated unexpectedly on signal 10"
Device URI: file:///dev/null

and is possible for other M$ computers can print.

When I tried to manipulate cue, (cancel)


happens. The user has lpadmin privilege. Confusion starts here, if privilege problem, why it prints every once in a while???

The error message is found only once in web, which is not much useful.

This Debian can print out to some other printer.

Any input will be appreciated.

Happy Penguins!

pinniped 09-21-2008 10:49 PM

Well, who is sending signal 10 (SIGUSR1) to "PrintJobMgr"?
Obviously PrintJobMgr doesn't know how to handle it (and doesn't ignore it) and simply dies.

The device URI also looks strange:
Device URI: file:///dev/null

I suggest you check the CUPS configuration file and see if anything strange is going on. Also, how do you configure CUPS? Perhaps there is a rogue script that's meant to help by providing a "friendlier" way to configure but is doing more harm than good.

You need to find out what is causing the job cue to be held up. I have often seen a WinDuhs print server go into hibernation and screw up the print services when it wakes up (but in this case all computers are affected, not only Linux). See if the WinDuhs print manager shows a printer queue, which indicates that it is receiving data but not printing (in which case this is a WinDuhs problem) or if your Linux print queue is filling up with jobs (in which case it's most likely a Linux printing problem).

kaz2100 09-22-2008 07:38 PM


CUPS config file is as provided by Debian. I did not touch anything until yesterday. I changed LogLevel.

Depending on (I guess) the number of active computers connected onto the network, available printers vary. The one which choked is gone now, moreover, /var/spool/cups is clean. Nothing is printed!

Checking every individual computer may solve this situation, but not easy as everybody has own computers.

Any suggestion, comment or whatever will be appreciated.

Happy Penguins!

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