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cleopard 05-08-2006 03:44 PM

crontab 24-hour time
I'm in the midst of moving scripts (running Pro*C programs) from a UNIX server over to Linux. These scripts are executed according to how the crontab is set up for each script. While doing some testing on Linux, I've noticed that my cronjob doesn't seem to go off after 1 pm (when you'd need to add 12 to the hour to let it know you mean 'p.m.' and not 'a.m.'); this morning, for instance, I ran my cronjob several times (obviously re-editing the cron file many times) with no problem. But in the afternoon, the job wouldn't go off, as if there was a problem with an hour value larger than 12. Has anyone ever heard of something like this?

haertig 05-08-2006 06:13 PM

Run crontab -l and post the output here, so people can see what you've actually got. Also, check your email (for the userid who's cron is giving problems) to see if any error messages are being sent.

cleopard 05-09-2006 07:24 AM

current cron
00 1 * * * . /FactorySys/scripts/execute_script.scr >> /FactorySys/logs/read_cron.log 2>&1

This is what I currently have, though before leaving work Monday, I changed it to run after midnight and when I arrived this morning, it had executed. So it seems to be something about wanting to run it after 1 pm when you'd have to add 12 to the hour to make it 24-hour time.

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