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KnightAzul 09-17-2003 11:26 AM

CPU, Load and Memory ...

I have noticed on my system that the CPU is not really being pushed at any time (up to max 40%), but the load sometimes peaks over 1.

This is probably a very open ended question: what could be causing this? It is a server running a number of game processes which have been reniced to -7, and little else.

Also from top is shows that I am using swap_space:

Mem: 900084K total, 884804K used, 15280K free, 47192K buffers
Swap: 489972K total, 40416K used, 449556K free, 380500K cached

Is this bad? I don't know how to interpret these figures really ... :confused:

Thanks for any pointers!

Crashed_Again 09-17-2003 11:57 AM

Well I'd take it as a good thing that the CPU isn't at 99% and is at 40%. Linux uses swap space very freely. It will cache a lot of things and if you leave the machine on for a while you will notice that almost all your swap space and/or physical memory is almost all used up. Its okay. Thats just the way the kernel deals with memory.

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