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figadiablo 10-01-2002 08:55 AM

Couple of questions
I think that my brain is actually shrinking due to the fact that Ive been so busy with so many things in life like college, work, and many others, and that Im actually becoming more dumb in things related to linux. But anyways here are a few questions that Ive been meaning to ask for some time now.

1. How do I use rsync, like for example to keep Slackware up to date? Ive tried reading the man pages and other documentation but my mind refuses to absord or understand the contend of all this info. I mean, if I where to update Slack with rsync, do I need to have a directory, or go to a directory where all the packages are supposed to be and run rsync from there? Do I have to specify the server ftp address? Could somebody give me an example of how they run the command in their computer?

2. How do I know exactly wich version of X do I have? Can I type a command to do this?

Anyways these are the couple questions that I have for now, hope that somebody can help me. :Pengy:

jetblackz 10-01-2002 10:54 AM

If you're on Slack 8.1, go here

To find out what versions of what's are installed,

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