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Cristian Santana 06-03-2001 05:02 PM

Hi. Sorry for my english. I have installed Corel Photopaint 9 in Linux Red-Hat 7.1. I have the glibc 2.2.2, but the fonttastic included in the Corel PP is for glibc 2.1 . Where I Can Download fonttastic-glibc-2.2.rpm (or similar)?

elizabetheanera 06-06-2001 12:02 PM

This may not help
Hi I do research on the net for seniors so, I tried to help you find your files. I could not but kept running into this: Yaga share. It's some type of file sharing program. I do not know enough to find your files on it. Although I did find some I needed. So...... Hope you can find your files!

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