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BmxFace 06-29-2003 03:16 AM

copy and paste in a terminal?
how do i go about this?:confused:

MasterC 06-29-2003 03:30 AM

Hightlight with mouse and paste with middle button (if it's scroll, press it down). IF you only have 2 buttons, press them simultaneously.


BmxFace 06-29-2003 05:25 AM

i was looking more for copying files from one dir and pasting in another. sorry about that

MasterC 06-29-2003 05:36 AM


Use the cp command for that:
cp /path/to/files/* /path/to/other/files

If you only want specific files, not all of them, you can specify multiple files with one of the following:
cp /path/to/files/mov* /path/to/other/files
cp /path/to/files/file1 /path/to/files/file2 /path/to/files/file3 /path/to/other/files

If you want to copy an entire directory, all of it's contents, and all subdirectories:
cp -a /path/to/files/and/directories /path/to/other/files

A real life example:
cp -a /home/bmxface/.kde3 /home/masterc/

Will copy all the contents of .kde3 including subdirectories to masterc's home directory from bmxface's home directory (this can only be accomplished as root since you'll be entering 2 different users home directories, but that's just a side note).


BmxFace 06-29-2003 05:47 AM

ok say i wanted to copy theme.ktheme from /home/user/Documents/Themes to /usr/share/themes what would i need to type? im a little confuzed

MasterC 06-29-2003 06:08 AM

cp /home/user/Documents/Themes/theme.ktheme /usr/share/themes

Most likely as root unless you've given your user enough rights on /usr/share/themes (which is a bad idea since it's in /usr which I prefer to keep root priviledges only.. but that's another thread another day ;) )


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