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rayflynn 12-10-2001 07:56 PM

Converting mp3 to wav. ???
Hey Guys, I've looked for this "Howto" till my eyes got sore. Loving Linux, and I think LINUXQUESTIONS is making me lazy. I appreciate the help all the same.

But I need to convert multiple mp3 files to wav. in order to burn them with Xcdroast, or am I going about it the wrong way??

Thanks in advance...:study:

h1kz0r 12-11-2001 04:06 AM

True, Xcdroast doesn't support burning mp3s directly as audio cds, anyway they say it will be supported later.

bluecadet 12-11-2001 05:07 AM

did you seriously look???

a google search of 'mp3 burn cd howto' gives hundreds of links to the howto.

I had your problem about 3 days ago actually, and i found that, and it generally works perfectly. gcombust can burn mp3's directly, if you want to give that a go maybe, i really don't like xcdroast at all. i also use gtoaster, that's quite good

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