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BlackwaterPark 04-21-2010 05:40 AM

Connect to internet via phone (bluetooth) in ubuntu ? how?
hello there

i am a new linux user.. i have got myself a couple of ubuntu 9.10 live cds..
i have booted my laptop after inserting the live cds into the dvd tray..

thus ubuntu booted from the live cd..and i was TRYING to get familiar with ubuntu (linux..)

my problem was that i couldnt connect to the internet from ubuntu.. but its a piece of cake when im using my windows 7. (duh.. )

so guys.. HOW o you connect to the internet from the ubuntu.. using:

a EDGE/GPRS enabled phone
a bluetooth device??

i have tried many things.. and have visited many pages but i dont really understand what to do...

how do you set up the connection and then how to connect to the internet from the PHONE(using it as the modem via bluetooth)..

any help would be highly appreciated... thanks guys...

MS3FGX 04-22-2010 04:40 PM

Well what have you tried, and why didn't it work? Bluetooth DUN should be a supported function out of the box in the networking settings, so it shouldn't be a big deal.

BlackwaterPark 04-23-2010 01:05 AM

ive tried a lot of things.. well heres wat i did:

first i inserted the bluetooth usb dongle into my laptop.
then ive searched for my phone from the bluetooth icon(that appears near the notification pane.. u know next to the date, and battery)
the bluetooth found my phone and i paired my phone with my laptop...

Then ive gone to the terminal
ive typed hcitool scan

a result came which showed me my phone's bluetooth name and the mac address
next ive typed sdptool browse..
after typing that I LOT of things appeared on the laptop screen, but i found the part "Dialup Networking"
and from there i found my channel number

next was the rfcomm shit.. i edited the rfcomm.conf
setting bind to yes and " device my mac address" then selecting my channel number and finally commented"Blah Blah"..

then i tried to connect to by typing rfcomm connect


then i tried another method.. you know when you insert your usb bluetooth dongle device it pops near the system tray.. from there ive searched my phone, paired my phone with my laptop and selected "Access to the internet from your phone".. and then in network connections it showed my phones mac address PANU..

ive clicked that... and it began connecting... BUT withing the next 10-15 seconds it disconnects again. ive repeated but it doesnt work..

hope that was clear enough.. and by the way.. what were you talking about? Bluetooth from Network settings??

would you please guide me/tell me how to set up your method? is it the way ive already tried?

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