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andzerger 02-29-2004 03:41 AM

confessions of an unconscious linux nazi
I dont really know what happened, im pretty sure that it wasnt my fault .. at least not directly.
I told the kid he oughta be running linux but i didnt mean to force it on him?
Who knows? was it the magnetic screwdriver that waxed the hard drive ..

or could it have been the fact that he took his box home, disasembeled it, jiggled some stuff around and turned it on .. even though id told him not to .. ...
"im not done with it yet, don't turn it on" --me .. kids

anyway, 1 complimentary, used hard drive later .. "oh we lost our windows cd" --son .. "im sorry son, we just cant afford another one" --mom ..

in my own defense, the magnetic screwdriver wasnt applied until after the hard drive failure ..

XavierP 02-29-2004 03:44 AM

I am closing this thread. I can't see that it has any value. If you disagree with this decision, please email myself or the other mods or Jeremy.

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