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cmckay 02-18-2003 01:54 AM

Compiling KDE 3.1
I am currently using Mandrake Linux 9.0 and am attempting to compile KDE 3.1. What I'd like to do is use the same menus that Mandrake has set up, but with the addition of the KDE 3.1 applications.

I've attempted compiling with the $kde_appsdir environment variable set to the appropriate directory. With that, the .desktop files get placed in the correct directory, but KDE and KMenuEdit still both read the $KDEDIR/applnk directory. What I'd ultimately like is for them to read the Mandrake directory.

Another thing I tried is copying (using cp -r) the Mandrake directory to $KDEDIR/applnk, but that broke several of my KControl applets (for example, my screensaver applet doesn't work anymore).

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks for your help.

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