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Law1213 08-27-2004 12:06 PM

Colour schemes

I've finally got linux sorted and now I'm trying to make it look pritty. I'm currently having trouble with some colour schemes. I've gone for darker coloured backgrounds and lighter text (as you would expect) however now I have problems because in list view on programs like XMMS (in the playlist) I cant see the text coz it is white and the background is white. I've noticed this error in nautilus as well, in the list view it has a white and gray background with white text so you just cant see the list, and there doesnt appear to be a way to change the background colours of the list view, if you know a way please let me know. This only occurs on a select few programs and I could change the colour schemsse so that the text is black but this means I have to use lighter backgrounds which tend to give me headaches.

I assume XMMS uses the list view from nautilus which causes the problem, so if I could fix the nautilus program XMMS and all other programs which use that list view will be fixed.

btw sorry bout that it was the totem player not XMMS

Any ideas?

Thanks for the input.

rm6990 08-29-2004 10:38 PM

Which DE are you using, KDE or Gnome???

Law1213 08-31-2004 03:28 PM

using KDE 3

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