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TX_metalhead 05-29-2002 10:59 PM

cleaning hard drive
I want to "clean up" my system, you know, get rid of things I dont need, remove progs I dont want and stuff. How do I do that with linux? how do I know if I can delete something or not?
One thing in particular, I have 2 versions of Netscape, and I think several version of mozilla, how do I remove older versions of software?\

How can I access me linux partition through windows 2000?

whenever I log into root, I get a kcimit(I think) error while KDE is loading, what is that and how can I get it off?

thanks guys

Sfin 05-29-2002 11:13 PM

I am assuming that you talking about removing programs on your RedHat machine. First there is a question you need to answer:

1) How did you install those programs? Did you compile from source or use rpms?

2) If you compiled from source do you still have the files that you used to compile the program?

Part I(Installed rpms):

i) Check out kpackage, or whatever the name of the package manager is, and try to uninstall from there. This is the easiest way to uninstall a rpm install.

ii) Another way to do that is using the console

step 1: first you need to know the name of the program in the rom database. using a

rpm -q <part of the name> ex. rpm -q mozilla

should give you a listing of the exact name of any package that contains mozilla in it.

step 2: Once yo got the name of the package it is time to unistall. Use the following command:

rpm -e <name of package you got from step 1> , ex.

rpm -e mozilla

If you are lucky this will unistall from first try, but you might get a list of dependency errors, if there are other products that need some files from this program to run. Then you need to remove dependencies to be able to remove this program

Part II (Uninstall programs compiled from source):

i) If you got the files that you used to compile the program, or at least the makefile, then this is as easy as:

step 1: change to the folder that contains the files you used to compile.

step 2: make uninstall

ii) If you don't have the files that you used to compile with. then only way to uninstall is to manually delete every file one by one.

I would recommend doing a:

man rpm

to check out all the flags that rom takes, and what you can do with it.

Rashkae 05-30-2002 09:33 AM

Windows only supports NTFS, FAT, and FAT32 Filesystems. Whereas linux supports all of the above, for many good reasons, your system is probably installed on an EXT2 filesystem. Suggest you write Microsoft a feature request to add more filesystems. But to answer your question, you can't see your Linux partition in Windows.

Noerr 05-30-2002 09:47 AM

you should boot your system in linux and copy from linux-windows

MasterC 05-30-2002 11:32 AM

Well, that is not Entirely true, you CAN see your linux partition in Windows. You can use programs like Explore2fs and many others. Do a search on Google. You can also find several on The problem is that the best program that used to be FREE is now trying to get you to fork over some cash, and the free version only lets you see 1GB of data, if your partition is bigger, you are out of luck. I won't even mention this programs name because it's lame to charge for the SAME software that you used to offer for free!

Enough of the ranting, anyway, if you have chosen to go with the newer EXT3, this is also supported with a few of the WIndows programs, I think Explore2fs is one of them.

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