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bagpussnz 07-05-2006 09:50 PM

Choosing a Linux version - glibc compatibility
I administer a system building a large suite of programs written in C.
We develop/qa and build the applications on Linux.
Because of customer server Linux compatibility, we build our applications on Redhat 7.3 (for glibc 2.2 compatibility).
These applications run on all of our customers Intel Linux boxes.

However, I now want to make the minimum supported glibc 2.3, so I can upgrade our build boxes (as the 7.3 is getting unmaintainable).
We will inform all glibc 2.2 customers that they have to upgrade (before next release).
So in summary, I have customers on glibc 2.2 (who will have to upgrade), and customers on glibc 2.3 upwards.

My question: what operating system does anyone recommend I move my build servers to? They have to be running an early version of glibc2.3 (or should I just build a glibc -haven't done that before - I guess it has caveats).


Tinkster 07-06-2006 03:24 AM

Depending on what stuff you need on the box Slack 9.1 might be an
option. Comes with glibc-2.3.2 (as opposed to 2.3.5 in 10.2).

If there's critical patches that need to be applied you can
most likely get away by using the old buildScript with a new
package ...


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