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lectraplayer 01-20-2013 09:06 AM

CHMOD: How do I get my Linux back?
This is a really simple question, but I remember I could bring an installation of Linux back from a Windows takeover by using CHMOD under a boot in Recovery Mode. It does this by reinstating Grub or Lilo back to the MBR as it was prior to the introduction of Windows, allowing the existing OS to boot. What were those arguments again?

chmod ??? ??? ???

bigrigdriver 01-20-2013 11:20 AM

I don't recall ever hearing of anything such as you describe.

The process of getting grub back to the MBR is much easier than that.

Use your Suse installation disk. Put it in the cd/dvd drive and boot up. At the menu, you should have an option to boot from the disk. Select that and boot from the Suse installation.

Once booted up, run /usr/sbin/grub-install to put grub back into the MBR.

lectraplayer 01-20-2013 12:25 PM

What about Fedora? I'm not sure what may be easier than one command though. It may be CHOWN instead of CHMOD. I remember I did it before a couple times with that one command.

lectraplayer 01-21-2013 05:26 AM

Found what i was trying to remember.


Originally Posted by david_ross (Post 1601683)
You should be able to boot with fedora cd1 and at the boot prompt enter "linux rescue".

Once booted run:
chroot /mnt/sysimage
/sbin/grub-install /dev/hda

This should put grub back on the mbr.

suicidaleggroll 01-21-2013 10:22 AM


Originally Posted by lectraplayer (Post 4874594)
Found what i was trying to remember.

That's basically the same thing that bigrigdriver said in his post. In rescue mode you need to do the chroot, or you can just use the install cd to boot into the full OS and skip the chroot part. The important command there is the grub-install, that's what's actually reinstalling grub on your MBR.

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