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zLinuxz 11-30-2002 02:10 PM

Changing US keyboard settings to Spain (SP) settings or Mexico.
hey guys, I"m at my friends house here in Mexico, setting up linux on his computer. However, when the installation went through, I forgot that his keyboard is a spanish keyboard. So many of the keys are in different places. So, I'm just wondering if I can change the setting of the supported keybord withough having to re-configure xf86config .... I just worried not being able to set his video card to what it is right now, because it's one of those built-in cards, and I just know it's SiS620, but not sure which one I would choose from the list. anyway, any nice ideas would be cool. Thanks for your help guys, :)


lowlifeish 11-30-2002 07:27 PM


In my XF86Config file I found the following section:


Section "InputDevice"
Identifier "Keyboard1"
Driver "Keyboard"
Option "XkbLayout" "us"


I'm not sure what would go instead of the "us", but I hope
this helps you somewhat.

There's also the setxkbmap command. An apropo for it shows:

setxkbmap (1x) - set the keyboard using the X Keyboard Extension

- lowlife

zLinuxz 11-30-2002 11:41 PM

hmm, I"ll check it out, thanks bro.

moses 11-30-2002 11:48 PM

zLinuxz 12-01-2002 12:49 AM

I figured out, thanks, guys :)

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