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dubya 03-03-2004 04:37 PM

Changing login screen on RedHat 9.0
Here's a real general question:
Right now, my login screen has a GUI. I want to switch to the text based one. The one I want to switch to appears after the setup screen then quickly changes to the graphical login screen. Thanks in advance for any help.

alan8373 03-03-2004 04:51 PM

There's a couple of ways to do this. Here's the only one that I know of though...

1. As root, open up /etc/inittab
2. Go to the line that says "id::5::initdefault"
3. Change the "5" to "3".
4. Reboot.

To get the gui login back, switch the "3" back to "5".

This is called the default "runlevel". If redhat has a runlevel editor, you might want to use such a utility instead of editing this file manually. Either way will work but messing this file up can be bad.

dubya 03-03-2004 05:18 PM

Thank you. I had to edit inittab instead of initdefault

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