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theabyyss 02-21-2002 08:01 PM

CD-ROM.desktop on KDE desktop / mounting drives as users
on my desktop in KDE, there's an icon for CD-ROM. I can click on it and open my cd rom drive when I haven't logged in as root and mounted the filesystem. I know i don't have an automounter installed, and i'm wondering how the icon mounts /dev/cdrom without root privelages. i used the cat command on it, and it just described a link to /mnt/cdrom, which would explain things if I had already mounted /dev/cdrom, but this icon works even after i UNmount. Why does this icon work, or rather how does it work?

while i'm on the topic of drive mounting, how can i set up my sytem to make the cdrom and floppy drives user mountable? I tried changing the permissions on the block devices /dev/hdb (my cdrom) and /dev/fd0, but mount just says that only root can mount. umount says only root can unmount. how can i make my drives user-mountable?

Aussie 02-21-2002 10:36 PM

The icon works by reading /etc/fstab. To make it user mountable edit your fstab, here is a line from mine,

/dev/hdc      /cdrom      iso9660 ,users,noauto,ro 0    0
The "users" part is what you need.

theabyyss 02-22-2002 10:07 PM

thanks for the reply and the info about making drives user-mountable, but HOW does the icon work? i can't find any sort of scripting to read /etc/fstab. for some reason this is driving me nuts not knowing.

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