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Rod 11-06-2000 10:24 PM

My plan was simple: Buy a new drive, large enough to run Linux next to Windows, with a partition. At least as long as I still use some Windows software. Then purchase a copy of Linux so that I would have some documentation along with the software.
Well, I did just that. Bought a new 13.X gig Ultra DMA hardrive and a copy of Linux-Mandrake 6.5.
Partition worked fine. But... the software won't mount. I've since been told that the version of the kernel I purchased doesn't support the controller on my new drive. Wasted my money I guess. I've also been told that I need to wait for kernel 2.34, or at least a version that does support the controller on my drive.
Any ideas? I'd like to get away from Windows. But I sure hate to throw this new drive in the trash can.

jeremy 11-07-2000 11:25 AM

I am assuming you have a UDMA/66 or 100 controller? I know Red Hat (and probably others) have boot disks that you can download for this. You could also put the drive in UDMA/33 mode, which the 2.2.x kernels support.

makai 11-08-2000 02:46 AM

bios maybe?
Have you checked if it was properly configured in the BIOS? You may also try purchesing a later version of linux, or if possible download the ISO files and burning them on to a CD. Good luck to ya and I hope I am of some help.

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