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Hart02 11-24-2009 08:16 AM

Cant figure out what i need for this
I have a webserver with 9.10, webmin and xampp 1.7.3 on it. xampp listens on 80 and 8080 (8080 is used at a place I do work at). they block some sites i need like and The bandwidth there is very saturated to the point where doing updates for any system take forever. I thought about using some proxy server that i connect to through a website for the following:
  • Speed up connections
  • bypass some filter for dropbox file syncing
  • maybe surf the web privately
  • access blocked ports like ssh and vpn

I guess what i am asking is:
Would sacrificing 8080 be needed for this or
Could I place in my web root directory of htdocs a web-based proxy application?
I really do not want to sacrifice 8080 and not have my site accessible. I was hoping to avoid doing something like this but the people there are just too ridiculously stupid to understand how much they waste in bandwidth and money. They have many problems that go unpunished and unresolved.I won't get into that though

Any recommendations on software for doing this would be great.a gui would be nice. I have webmin though and there is squid with it but i don't know it could do what i want. maybe ziproxy or anon-proxy.any thoughts?:Pengy:

unSpawn 11-25-2009 12:13 PM


Originally Posted by Hart02 (Post 3767916)
they block some sites i need

If you mean you would like advice on how to bypass network access restrictions (as hinted at here) in your place of work then you are in the wrong forum. The only legitimate advice, since you make use of network resources you do not own, would be to contact those managing it and ask them.

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