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sb73542 01-02-2004 07:14 PM

Can't boot 2.6 kernel, need help finding boot log
Hi, I just installed a precompiled kernel 2.6.0 image from a deb package. It uses an initrd image to boot. It gets to the point where it starts enumerating hda, hdb, hdc, etc, and then spews several screens worth of errors I can't read. It ends with something like:

pivot_root: no such file or directory
can't open /dev/console
kernel panic: attempted to kill init!

The other error messages seem to be related to identifying the file system of the root directory (it mentions /dev2/root2). The partition that I have Debian installed on is ReiserFS. I'm having trouble reading the several screens worth of error messages that fly by at boot, are these stored anywhere, so I can give better details? I can still boot with the old kernel, and I have several live CD's also. Thanks so much for the help!

wldkos 01-02-2004 07:47 PM

I was going to say live cd, Use knoppix or whatever you want, boot up, and mount all the partitions... and then find the "dmesg"

shit i know it's vagues, but Im burnt.

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