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josedsilva 06-01-2002 01:15 AM

Can I recover a deleted file in Linux ?


is it possible to recover an erased file in Linux ?
Can you please tell me how Linux O.S. removes a file. Does it release the inode when the reference count becomes zero. Are there any softwares available for Linux which help recover erased files in Linux ?



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MasterC 06-01-2002 01:37 AM

How did you erase it? Did you use the 'rm' command or are you in X and chose delete? In X it sometimes (if you are lucky) will put it in the trashbin. Check that place first.

jayakrishnan 06-01-2002 01:52 AM

what filesystem is it. ext2 or ext3

jayakrishnan 06-01-2002 01:53 AM

or u can use 'mc' (midnightcommander)

sakeeb 06-01-2002 02:01 AM

i am using ext2 (also ext3 in another system) and i would like to know how an earased file can be recovered in linux.

is midnight commander a free software?

MasterC 06-01-2002 02:03 AM

mc is/should come with most distros. It sort of a GUI terminal. It will allow you to scroll around your system easier. Not too bad for not being X.

Noerr 06-01-2002 05:13 AM

yes but I don't think you can recover files if deleted with rm -f
--just yesterday I did brilant thing (rm -f /var/spool/mail/* instead of rm -f /var/spool/mqueue/* ) trying to be fast.

unSpawn 06-01-2002 05:42 AM

The more you've used the system in the time between deletion and recovery the lower the chances are you're gonna get something back. You could try recover (mc is easier IMO). There's also a link to the undelete-HOWTO.

Noerr 06-01-2002 12:16 PM

I didn't know there is an option to undelete in mc, that's very cool. But I don't think it works on ext3.
and I tried to delete some files but didn't really got anything back. I need to do some reading first I guess

MTK358 01-05-2010 08:49 AM

I know that using rm deletes the file, but "deleting" the file in most GUI file managers actually just moves it to a "trash" folder (I don't know where it is, though).

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