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midiox 07-11-2009 04:24 PM

Can BIND server add a public subdomain to my domain?
I am a bit new to all this DNS stuff, I am more prgrammer than network admin. So the question.

I got my domain from a local NIC (actually this is a subdomain like which they give for free but just one subdomain per physical person). Our local NIC do not offer any utility to manage domains, so if I want to change the host to which my domain is connected, I have to e-mail them. So this is a bit lengthy process but anyway - it is free and my site is available even for people who have just local country traffic (else I could use No-IP org as well).

Recently I thought it would be great that I could add my own subdomains for various projects. I know, locally it is just a matter of hosts file an Apache config (I have tried it and it works fine). But I want my subdomains to be accessible from outside.

So I have googled a bit and found about BIND. There are lots of tutorials how to configure it. But I could not find some info for a newbie - how it actually works and is it suited for my case? Can bind somehow add subdomains to my registered domain (well, subdomain) which is hosted by a local NIC or it is possible only if I ask from my NIC? Uhh, and then asking for that every time I want a new web project under my domain ... :cry:

If BIND somehow can push my subdomain to other DNS servers, can I then turn BIND off later when I see that it can be accessed from the outside world? Or I misunderstood and BIND does not send anything to other servers and so BIND must run all the time?

How this basically works, what I can do on my own with my domain and what I cannot? If getting a domain would be as easy as just installing bind, then I guess everyone would have it and avoid registrars... But what about subdomains?


btmiller 07-11-2009 05:29 PM

I don't think you can do what you want with BIND (at least not without your ISP doing some work). In order to create a subdomainit must be defined in the parent domain's zone file (that would be on your NIC's DNS server). Then their DNS server would have to delegate to your DNS server the authority for that subdomain (via an IN NS line in the zone file).

Assuming your NIC did this, you would have to keep BIND running at all times to serve queries.

At least this is how I remember it, but it's been awhilesince I've done DNS administration...

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