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frenchn00b 01-08-2010 02:37 AM

busybox mount iso: "mount could not find a spare loop device" error

Bootmyiso.exe to boot sarge iso installer on pendrive works, until it arrives to page:
detect and mount the cdrom : ERROR

Debian installer sarge has no loop for iso in the modules /lib...kernel

I mounted an iso of my distro to install using bootmyiso.exe (a kernel 2.6.8 without ...block/loop.o into the /lib)
and then I can mount my pendrive of /dev/scsi/.... /target0/part1 /pendrive [ok, works]

then I do under busybox:


mount -t iso9660 /pendrive/netinst.iso /cdrom
==> gives error


mount -o loop /pendrive/netinst.iso /cdrom
==> gives error


mount -t iso9660 -o loop /pendrive/netinst.iso /cdrom
==> gives error
mount: could not find a spare loop device

Is there someone with experience with busybox linux, knowing how to solve the issue?
thank you
Kind regards

It seems that one can download mydsl gnu utils and so on:
and make loop working for any kind of busybox
with eg:



OK, here I made a tar for the busy box:

to upgrade the busybox one needs those loop.o and so on files
tar -C /path -zxf loop-busybox.tar
to unpack it for the kernel:

HOW TO USE IT within busybox? insmod? mknod /dev/loop0 b 7 0 ?? how to make it now to upgrade busybox for mounting iso9660/loop??

insmod loop.o
gives error too under busybox :(

cp loop.o /lib
modprobe loop
not working either

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