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imakwik1 11-07-2001 04:24 PM

burning .iso files to start
I am just trying to get started with linux, I have an old 166 that is completely empty and I want to put linux on it, I already have two computers with windows. I have cable internet access on my windows machines so large files are not a problem. I've started browsing around and decided red hat would probably be the easiest to start with, but I'm open for suggestions. I have a read/write cd drive. Please help me on getting started with this.



acid_kewpie 11-07-2001 05:34 PM

just a few questions all asking exactly the same question as far as iso's go. please search for information, it'll often save you an awful lot of hassle and waiting for an answer.

is there anything else do you would like to know? redhat's fine.

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