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huwnet 04-01-2006 08:43 AM

Broken GDM
I made a new xorg.conf to change the resolution of X.

Now only startx and the gnome / kde login works. When logging in with GDM / KDM I get the following error:


/etc/X11/gdm/PreSession/Default: Registering your session with wtmp and utmp
/etc/X11/gdm/PreSession/Default: running: /usr/X11R6/bin/sessreg -a -w /var/log/wtmp -u /var/run/utmp -x "/var/gdm/:0.Xservers" -h "" -l ":0" "root"
/etc/X11/gdm/PreSession/Default: Beginning session setup...
/etc/X11/gdm/PreSession/Default: Cannot find Xclients
/etc/X11/gdm/PreSession/Default: Setup done, will execute: /usr/bin/ssh-agent -- xsm
Xlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server
Xlib: Protocol not supported by server
Any ideas on how to fix this error?

huwnet 04-15-2006 12:08 PM

Does anyone have any ideas on fixing this error or config files that may be helpful?

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