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metalx1000 05-21-2007 04:39 PM

Booting Flash Drive with a CD? Maybe?
Ok I have installed MCNlive on a USB Flash Drive.
I used it to install and run it on one Laptop so far.
It worked great.

But, My Sony laptop that is about 3 years old does not have the option in BIOS to boot from a flash drive.

I feel that some where, awhile back, I read something about using a liveCD to boot a flash drive. Does anyone know of a way to do this.

Or, is there a way to set my grub or lilo to boot the Flash Drive?


fitzov 05-22-2007 09:51 AM

I guess it depends on what distribution you are trying to boot, but I think if the boot kernel (on the CD) is the same as the one on the usb key you can load the kernel on the usb with the "bootfrom" cheatcode. For example with knoppix:

knoppix bootfrom=/dev/sda1

where "sda1" is the partition with the kernel you want to load.

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