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TheStarLion 12-22-2009 04:25 PM

boot, var, proc partition sizes
I'm re-formatting one of my systems again because of Windows crashing, and I'm keeping a Linux (TinyME) installed as well afterwards.

It has a drive to itself, though it's not big - 8 GB, with 1 GB to assigned as swap.

Firstly, given that at most, only three kernels are likely to be installed with GRUB at any one time, how big should the /boot partiton be?

Secondly, what's the advantages of splitting /var and /proc to separate partitions, and again, how big should they be?

I'm not sure what others could be moved to separate partitions, or if I should do it for any except /boot, so I'm trying to work out what would be best for this install.

I'll be keeping the install relatively up-to date, but updates aren't likely to be often - it's more there as a means to recover from problems with the XP install that everyone else wants on there, but since I've somehow migrated from finding Linux hard to use, to finding Windows hard to use, I'll use it myself out of choice.

Quakeboy02 12-22-2009 04:31 PM

Given that you're a home user, you're likely to come to grief at some point if you try to split out /var and /proc. And since you've got such a small drive, don't split out /home, either.

But, to /boot, if you're not dual-booting, then don't bother splitting that out, either. It's really best for most of us to just have "one partition to rule them all", err, sorry, had a Tolkien moment there. :)

TheStarLion 12-22-2009 04:38 PM

I've preferred keeping /boot separate, since I find it easier to recover from an unbootable system, and means that no matter how many distros I have on there, it's one bootloader to load them all.
Which brings up the question that I'm not sure what the advantages of using LiLo over Grub are, or for that matter Grub and Grub2

syg00 12-22-2009 04:54 PM

I used a 32Meg /boot for years on Gentoo - ext2 to save wasting journal space. /proc isn't a filesystem in the normal sense - it doesn't accupy any disk space. Don't even think of trying to screw around with it.
On a tight system I'd also lump everything else in one partition - make sure you have logrotate set up to purge things appropriately.

Bootloader recommendations are flame bait - choose your poison. I got sick of forgetting to re-run the lilo command, so I've been grub for years. Grub2 is still not ready for public release IMHO.

TheStarLion 12-22-2009 05:07 PM

I thought /proc did, but I've never fully understood much about the /proc filesystem really.

The tightest (currently) system is actually my laptop, which is limited to 20GB, but this system I'm working on here, the sda1, the main hard drive, is 200 GB, and has the MBR. I don't mind stealing a bit of space from it if I need. It doesn't get too much of it used, even with four users leaving all of their stuff on it, at most it reaches just over 125GB used, so that leaves some space I can nick.

As to bootloaders... I didn't realise LiLo didn't auto-update, and Grub2... it seems over-complex to me, but I haven't really looked into it much.

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