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feeblebrain 06-25-2011 09:10 PM

Boot up misbehavior after an update during fsck
Hi, I hope this is the right forum subsection for this query.

Today I did an update on my Debian 6.0.0 installation, which included a kernel update. I also did an Nvidia driver update, afterward. All well, until upon a third boot up an fsck check was forced (34 mounts). Some odd behavior ensued. At about 19% it exited the check, printed what appeared to be a load of inode numbers with error messages, and "froze" with the caps lock and num lock lights on the keyboard flashing.

I did a couple of grub recovery modes, each which advanced a little further, and all is well again. However, it concerned me. Where in var/log do I find the file of that particular fsck activity?

For info, the update included this kernel;


And the Nvidia driver I installed was;

after uninstalling the previously installed;

andrewthomas 06-25-2011 10:17 PM

Sounds like a kernel panic to me.

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