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patpawlowski 03-01-2004 04:26 PM

Best way to learn Linux from the command line
I think I might be setting up another Linux box and would like to install slack on it but I want to do everything from the prompt. Actually I probably won't have a choice with slack. Are there any online resources or books that give in depth information re: linux from the command line.?

As always, thanks.

XavierP 03-01-2004 04:35 PM

Have a look at RUTE and the Linux Newbie Administrator's Guide also don't forget to read the man pages.

And of course, check the install docs on the Slackware Site.

DrOzz 03-01-2004 04:37 PM

the first two, basically the same, show comparisons b/w linux and dos commands and what they do ..

there are some links to get you started, basically covering most commands ...
i am not sure if there is anythign specific you wanted to know, so there you go ;)

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