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cparliament 06-27-2002 04:25 PM

best practice for bldg & moving apps
sorry if wrong forum: security-wise, I know best practice is to build apps from source on a development system (with all the proper tools), and then move the apps/kernel to the productions systems (no dev tools; why make life easy for someone if they rooted your system). I have done this with the kernel successfully; how do I determine which files to move (and where)when relocating apps(apache, qmail, etc.)? Or am I being overly paranoid?

Mara 06-27-2002 05:16 PM

Well, in such situaltions I run compilation on one machine, then pack the whole directory with source, move it to another machine, unpack and run make install. Then I delete the source directory. Of course, both systems must be configured in similar way for this to work correctly.

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