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KimVette 08-02-2005 10:04 AM

Batch convert video files (heck, I'll take any method!)
I have three DVDs full of .ogg-encoded files of television shows. What I would like to do is run a script to convert them from .ogg to video files using the Xvid video and MP3 audio codecs so I can view them on my new DivX-certified set-top DVD player. I'd like to retain the framerate and resolution of each video, along with the audio tracks (some videos have multiple audio tracks).

Does anyone know of any batch conversion scripts or any good howtos on how to approach this? I know I could reencode each file one by one with a GUI app but it'd be great if I could do them all at once with a script, especially since most Linux video aps are just wrappers for the command line utilities.

(edit: 6:35pm)
Heck, I'll settle for manual conversion because I found some Xvid videos I encoded at a bitrate other than what I need I'd rather not have to re-rip the VOB files from the DVDs again; I've built a library of Xvid (and DivX) files ripped from my own DVDs and would rather not have to re-rip them all from scratch again.

I looked at DVD::Rip and it won't take any abitrary file and convert it to another format; I'd have to start with the VOB files all over again.

Any suggestions? :)


KimVette 08-02-2005 09:13 PM

I did some more searching and found Tovid, so I may have my solution. Right now I am trying to resolve all of the dependencies. *le sigh*


Nope. It won't do .ogg. Any suggestions?

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