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bspicer 04-11-2002 12:00 PM

Backspace not working at login screen
I cannot get the backspace to work at a login screen when connecting remotely (telnet). The delete key or control backspace do work. The backspace key works great at the console. Backspace works fine in both places after you login. I would like our users to be able to backspace if they make a mistake typing their username when logging in. How do I change this. I have tried ansi, scoansi and vt100 emulation and also tried other telnet apps like tinyterm. Help..

trickykid 04-11-2002 12:08 PM

well let me recommend this, drop telnet and use ssh.. more secure. what kind of machines are the telnetting from, windows or linux boxes ?

bspicer 04-11-2002 12:20 PM

Backspace not working at login screen
We use TinyTerm mostly. Can't drop TinyTerm. We have 60+ users using this for our app. Linux is replacing an older AIX server. Everything works great except for this and we have users that can't type very well when logging in. We have windows 2000 and 95 clients that use TinyTerm to connect.

The delete key and Ctrl Backspace work fine. Is there a file that specifies the keys for a remote login screen?

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