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McK66 06-08-2004 03:23 PM

Backing up remote Linux Server to Local Win2KPro CD-RW over SSH
I am responsible for the remote administration of a Linux (RH8) Server
over SSH from my home Win2kPro machine.

Is there a way to mount my local Windows CD-RW drive on the remote Linux box?

I would like to perform backups with out the tar or zip files taking up extra space on either machine.

(i.e. Compress files and write to CD all in one process...)

All responses will be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration!!

Lleb_KCir 06-08-2004 03:59 PM

are you able to build a VPN to get to that RH8 system? if so then though a samab share you should be able to mount your CDR/W and do it via cdrecord and mkiso i would think.

now the VPN and linux and the samab are way out of my league to help you with, but just passing ideas around.

only other thing i could think of would be to sftp the files that have been tar or zip then delete them after you burn em out.

McK66 06-08-2004 07:10 PM

Thanks, Lleb_KCir!
I appreciate your response!

I have some reservations about setting up a VPN, but I may end up going that route in the long run....
My concern about the "zip & delete" method is that I don't have large amounts of free space on either machine, but I suppose I could take an incremental approach....

Lleb_KCir 06-08-2004 10:05 PM

i can understand being a bit leary of setting up a VPN, but what really can be more secure then a level 2 VPN pipe at 128bit encryption?

i run a VPN though my router and it works great. i just VPN in, and depending on what i want to do, and were im connecting from i either TS into my winXP box, or ssh straight into my RH9 system.

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