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doodah 05-29-2001 10:30 PM

hey everybody,
check it out, im here *smokin* gettin ready for some coding... and im messing around and started up twm.. ok twm.. boring, but for some reason (smokin) i decided to type in startkde.. i couldnt believe i didnt get a 'wm already running' message.. kde started up in the background.. now ok that was cool.. never seen that before, but because im still smokin, i for some reason i went to the twm window that was open on top of kde(which was pretty cool in itself) and i typed enlightenment.. and enlightenment opened behind kde! my kde desktop was in a window in enlightenment! that was cool.. anyhow it didnt crash and to exit all i had to do was type 'exit' into twm and they all exited... i dont know if anyone else knew this could be done or not... but i think its f%ckin cool..

doodah 05-31-2001 12:35 AM

ok so maybe i didnt word that right... has anyone else tried this? i didnt know it could be done.. here is what i did..

open twm by calling xinit from the console... this started twm... you know with just the one term open..

i then ran $ startkde ... and kde opened

and from kde, i typed in the twm window(twm termWindow couldnt be hidden)... $ enlightenment ....

enlightenment opened and the kde desktop was in a window.. a resizeable desktop of kde in enlightenment... the kde control bar was still at the bottom of the screen... to exit i typed in twm $ exit ... and they all closed...

im just wondering... was i just high.. or is twm a multiple window manager(i only opened it because i was messin with xinit, i never use it).... or is this a freak thing??? hmm...

mrl 05-31-2001 01:50 PM


Does this mean you can have multiple X sessions or multiple desktops in one X session.

Sounds cool whichever way :)

doodah 05-31-2001 02:47 PM

yeh thats what it looks like.. i tried it again last night and it still works... and it is definatley cool...

mongrel 05-31-2001 04:15 PM

It works from WindowMaker also, I just tried it. It opened KDE in a window on my first desktop. It is pretty neat but its an incredible resource hog.

mrl 05-31-2001 10:31 PM

OK so how do I try this ?

I just typed 'startkde' in a terminal window and got aload of abuse!

BUT I do have two desktops now but they are working in parellel (mirrored) and I have two kickewr panels. Wierd.

Can I be stupid and ask how to find out what window manager I am using. Desktop is KDE thats all i know :(

I'm still getting used to haveing multiple desktops to play with! Des this mean you could have say gnome and kde at the same time?



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doodah 06-01-2001 08:51 AM

try using

$ xinit

before $startkde ... see what that opens up, there should be a term window and nothing else.. thats twm... i have only been able to do this through xinit.. check out my second post it has all the steps.. i havent tried gnome and kde together...

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