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Thymox 02-07-2002 10:01 AM

Autostarting a program upon login...
Mandy SNF, by default, creates 3 users:

Root does what you'd expect.
normal-user is likewise (just a normal user).
Admin, however, has some priveledges above normal, but less than root. The most interesting thing I've found, though, is that upon login (either at the computer, or over ssh), a config program starts.

What file needs to be edited to autostart a certain program upon login?

Cheers muchly.

DavidPhillips 02-07-2002 10:05 AM

for it to happen on login it would be the ~/.bashrc

is that what you mean

Thymox 02-07-2002 10:06 AM

Yep. What should I add?

exec someprogram


DavidPhillips 02-07-2002 12:05 PM


but remember entering it like that will start it everytime you login, so if you open an xterm it will start again.

unless you put a script to check and see if it's already running

if it's an x program you could put it in the .xsession script so it only starts when you login to X

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