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c0c0deuz 10-31-2002 10:28 PM

automating console to x
how do i fix my system to pass to runlevel5 instead of 3?

The problem is that i can startx and run gnome but if i try to pass to kde it doesn't work because a logout bring me back to the console instead of x.
I want my pc to start in gui mode.

trickykid 10-31-2002 10:30 PM

edit your /etc/inittab file

GT I.N.C 11-01-2002 12:02 AM

Shouldn't Redhat have like a graphical way of its RH 8.0 lol.....but yeh you could so what tricky said...but if your still a newbie i'm sure you would want a GUI way hehehe

Just thought i would let you know....

Garry :D

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