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snork 11-20-2002 04:13 AM

ATi - 3d - Mandrake9
I've got a serious problem with this Ati fgl-drivers.
I own a Radeon 8500 and I never thought it would be this difficult, to install drivers under linux (i.e. Mandrake 9.0)

But here is the story:

- Downloaded the up to date fgl-drivers from Ati website.
- finally got them installed (you know this shit ...)

now I am stuck with some errormessages concerning Kernel modules and so on. I just found out that my Kernel isnt located in /usr/src/linux where he (according to several readmes) should be.

Since I am a linux-nub, I have never done anything like configuring a Kernel before. I dont know how - I dont know where ...

plz someone tell me which keys to press to get this working

(i am really pissed off by this shit)

Thymox 11-20-2002 09:37 AM

Welcome to LQ, Snork.

If you can, could you post the exact error message? Was it something to do with kernel headers? Oh, and the thing about your kernel being installed in /usr/src/linux... that'd be the kernel source files. You will want to install these, and they can be found on CD#3 - kernel-source-2.4.19-16mdk.i586.rpm.


snork 11-20-2002 04:29 PM

Getting the Kernel source from the Mandrake-Cds solved 1 Problem, but it seems as this wasnt the last one. Due to so many error messages, I switched to try installing DRI with the howto from

And (*tadaa*) here is the Problem:
installing the dri-drivers with ./ results in an error message
"couldnt located 'ed' editor" ... I dont know why this 'ed' editor is necessary to install some dri-drivers, but ok.

Little help plz.

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