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linus72 03-18-2010 07:27 PM

Arch_Mage-RC1 i686 Install iso + extras
So, I installed Sourcemage and ArchBang a little while ago
and thought I'd share the iso I made for myself
as I only had one CD, and too lazy to buy more:)

The CD is an install CD; it contains all this

Plop Bootmanager 5.0.4
(only the plpbt executable; not the installer-to-mbr)

Net-Install almost any distro

smallest X desktop Linux ever; runs at 10MB ram
pretty cool; this is actually the floppy img
booting via memdisk:)

Arch Linux 2009.08 Net-Install
arch linux net installer

Sourcemage 0.10 stable
So you think your a Linux Guru?
Why not become a Magus?

Sourcemage is a blast, though I do not recommend it for a newbie!!

This Cd is really meant for those who wanna check out arch and sourcemage

Sourcemage is a active distro and a great deal of help can be had at their irc chat freenode, and

Heres the boot menu pic

698MB isolinux iso Download


I am just learning sourcemage and arch myself
If any Members here run sourcemage/arch please post with your hints and suggestions!

linus72 03-20-2010 05:30 PM

Just to update you guys

My Arch and Sourcemage installs are going OK
I broke the sourcemage install like 2x
but I am getting the hang of it

Maybe Gentoo next?
I figure gentoo cant possibly be harder than sourcemage

and I'm still waiting for members here that run sourcemage to chime in
I know somebody else must run sourcemage or no?

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