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vharishankar 02-10-2005 04:30 AM

Apache 2 Configuration in Webmin -- and PHP support
Is there any webmin module for configuring an Apache 2 server (not Apache 1.x)? Thanks. I use Debian.

I updated the Apache 2 using synaptic and now PHP support is broken. PHP files are not recognized and instead it asks for downloading them rather than interpreting them. That is the webserver is working fine, but PHP files are not being recognized.

What broke it is I think that the apache2-mpm-prefork module was removed and the worker module was installed.

Although I reinstalled the prefork module, PHP files still are not interpreted properly but appear as an unknown type (i.e. browser tries to download them as it would any unrecognized file format).

I want to know how to rectify this situation.


reddazz 02-10-2005 04:44 AM

You can use the existing module by configuring it to point to the right apache2 configuration files.

vharishankar 02-10-2005 04:51 AM

Where do I find the Apache 2 config files? It's not httpd.conf is it?

vharishankar 02-10-2005 04:58 AM

Ok, now I loaded the Apache 2 module in webmin. Where do I configure Apache to handle PHP files. I already have PHP 4 installed. The problem is it was working fine all these days. Today I did an upgrade and now PHP support is broken.

vharishankar 02-10-2005 05:06 AM

It's because the program removed the apache2-mpm-prefork and installed the apache2-mpm-worker package. I think that broke the PHP thing.

I reinstalled prefork package and php4-mysql package, but it still doesn't work right.

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