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SharpyWarpy 11-07-2012 06:05 AM

Anybody have Zoho email working with Alpine?
I just signed up with Zoho for a free email account. I want to configure it for Alpine. I've done this with gmail but when I try the same configuration with
zoho it does not work. When I try to open the zoho inbox with Alpine I get the error message "Invalid Credentials". Does this mean I need to get the proper
certificates for zoho and put them in a particular directory? I have researched this on the zoho site and zoho forums and the closest thing I can find is a
thread (very short) on the zoho forums concerning the inability to send.
That thread is a year old. The OP states he had Alpine working with Zoho for receiving
but not sending. I have yet to enable receiving. Much googling and searching the zoho site has not yielded anything, unless I've overlooked something. I'm
reluctant to ask the user that posed the quesion on the aforementioned zoho forums thread because it is dated a year ago. Maybe I should. Any suggestions?
Much gratitude in advance.

SharpyWarpy 11-09-2012 08:24 AM

Well I did ask the OP of the thread mentioned on the zoho forums whether he ever found a solution for this. I am awaiting a response. I DID however get receiving to work. Now if I could just send.

SharpyWarpy 11-11-2012 09:44 AM

Okay it's just not going to happen. So even though this is not solved I'm marking it solved to avoid wasting anybody's valuable time. In the meantime gmail works in Alpine, send and receive so it's not like I don't have alternative emails. Thanks anyway to all.

SharpyWarpy 11-14-2012 08:11 PM

Just to let any curious people know I have figured out a workaround for this. Receiving Zoho is, as I said, no problem but sending is. Here's what I've done to send via gmail and have the recipient reply via gmail. This way it's all still ssl so it's secure, just using zoho to receive. Not sure what I'm actually accomplishing with this, if anything. Configuring Alpine, open from the startup screen with "S" then "C". For "SMTP Server (for sending)" press the "A" key for add and put in the following line: Look for the line "Incoming Folders". Press "A" to add and write in:
zoho {}inbox
There is no need to put "" for zoho here. Now look for the line "Patterns Roles". Press "A" for add and enter this:
LIT:pattern="/NICK=zoho send/FROM=Your Name <>/FLDTYPE=EMAIL" action="/ROLE=1/FROM=Your Name < Name <>/\/ssl\/"
Hope this helps. It uses ssl both ways, but uses gmail to send and zoho to receive. Might help if your gmail inbox tends to get cluttered and you don't want certain emails sent to your gmail inbox.

P.S.: In spite of turning off Icons the da** smiley face shows up. Supposed to be "LIT(colon)P".

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