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Syncrm 01-26-2002 09:53 AM

ALSA sound static
hello again.
i've been attempting to get my thinkpad working with slackware 8.0 (so far, it's been rough but i've managed). the only thing at this point that i'm really stuck on is the soundcard.

here are my system specs before i go any further:

ibm thinkpad a20p
Crystal SoundFusion PCI soundcard
128mb ram
slackware 8.0
ALSA v0.5.10
i more or less followed these instructions:

i managed to get the soundcard to actually output in various apps (xmms, mpg123), but the problem is that the sound quality is poor. it's not all fuzzy or anything; the song starts out alright, but after about 45 secs i get a small burst of static about every 10 secs. if worse came to worse, i could live with it... but i'm piping this box through a $4500 entertainment system, so i'd kinda like to get it "perfect" (not to mention the whole reason i'm using linux and NOT windows is so that i don't have to settle).

anyways, i heard ALSA was pretty good in terms of customizing, so i'm hoping there will be a fix for this. thanx for any help offered! :-)

(oh, and i've tried both oss and esound plugins in xmms, both work about the same in terms of the quality)

jonnyjonjon 01-26-2002 01:15 PM


Syncrm 01-26-2002 08:36 PM

already been there. it wasn't any help, as it didn't address my poor sound quality problem.

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