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sancho5 08-17-2001 10:09 PM

Alien OSes
This may be a bit of an odd question, but..

is it possible to only install LILO as opposed to an entire Linux installation?

Reason being, I like the way that LILO manages bootloading multiple OSes. I am somewhat limited on drive space, having a 20GB drive, and I want to install several OSes with a bit of space to play in each of them. I already have Linux installed on 2 other machines, and don't want to waste space on a complete installation.

Other question, and somewhat along those lines, is:
Has anyone had experience multi-booting with Solaris, NetWare, or BeOS? Is LILO capable of loading all of them, and are there special consideratios I should be aware of?

Other question: Is it possible to create a LILO boot disk by any method? I would be using RH 7.1 and see that it uses syslinux for a boot disk manager.

Lexen 01-22-2006 05:49 PM

Boot Loader
Well, I am still a bit of a linux newbie, but I do know that with my version of SUSE 10.0, you can use some repair tools to help you if there is a problem. These tools are right on the disk, though they may require and installation of SUSE 10.0, though I am not sure. The point that I am trying to get at is that one of these tools is to re-install the boot loader, or for you it would simply be install. SUSE 10.0 uses both GRUB and LILO so you might be able to install it that way. As far as your other questions are concerned, I have no idea, sorry.

I hope that I could help you, even if it was only a baby step.

darinbolson 01-26-2006 10:20 PM

lilo only?
I am as green as green can be when it comes to linux, but have you considered using an older version without the gui? that should save space but still give you LILO.

amosf 01-26-2006 10:36 PM

A couple of options. a) there are other bootloaders and b) really small linux distros. You could probably find a mini-distro that would fit into a few meg that would be emough to have vi and lilo... Or 20-40 meg with other editors and stuff....

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