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kabads 10-11-2002 06:48 AM

Advice required
Just installed Windows and Linux as a dual boot machine for my in laws (they wanted more security). Nothing unusual - partion for windows and partitoins for linux.

However, my brother in law came in and installs windows again, out of sheer ignorance (sees the lilo bootloader and doesn't know what to do and so thinks he'll be clever by installing windows again - idiot in my opinion, but we have to put up with them).

Has he just written over the boot sector? If so, can I create a boot disk on my machine and then use it on theirs to get the machine back (you could claim that I'm an idiot for not creating a boot disk at install, I'm ready to admit to that :) )

If/and when this works, how do I reinstall the bootloader? Does linux only do it at install, or is there a way of getting it back?

Thanks in advance.

shakira 10-11-2002 07:33 AM

this problem solved before here but i say it again
1-boot with a bootable flopy or cd(linux).commands are in ""
2-in boot prompttype "linux rescue"
3-after boot you see a window that says use chroot to mount previous partition do it.
4-in command prompt type "lilo".

kabads 10-11-2002 08:11 AM

Thanks - it's good news that I can use my Mandrake CD to boot from .

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