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thallium 02-21-2013 10:59 PM

Advice on possible server setup (Ubuntu) - Is this a good idea?
I want to setup a new server at my parents place that can expand as more content is uploaded and manage it remotely. I am looking at a Supermicro rack chassis with a Xeon processor, it has six SATA hot swappable bays and two internal SATA with RAID1.

The idea is this: I put ubuntu on one drive and have it in a raid on the internal bays, just in case. Then use up to 5 of the swappable bays to add storage as time goes on. The sixth bay would be used to periodically backup the other drives by having one of my parents insert a drive and leave it there while I perform the backup. Then take it back out later, etc.

This would ideally require minimal effort on their part and I would just log on, do some maintenance, etc. The server just serves files, not much else going on, besides some light testing of html, etc. on my part. Worst case scenario, powersupply goes out or total failure of OS, will just visit the parents and get it back up if necessary.

Does this sound like a good idea? Or is this just silly? I move a lot, so I don't feel like having the server on me.

jefro 02-22-2013 07:22 PM

Well, I guess the issue is more your side. What is the point of this server? How much data or what data types is it for?
Why do you want this there? Power use issue, kind of an expensive to run deal for trivial tasks. Maybe a smaller energy efficient would suite the use?
No amount of hardware can overcome a slow network.

thallium 02-22-2013 08:04 PM

Much of the server will be to backup a large collection of movies and music we have collected, also to store a lot of scanned photos from the past that are degrading and in boxes right now. It will also act as a media server at my parents place, but I will use it to backup data and download movies, etc. I'm still new to the server stuff, but I came across that xeon tower for $90. I have had a server up and running for awhile, but it is running out of space and I don't like having it in my apartment. Would like to just stick it in a basement with minimal management.

lleb 02-23-2013 12:30 AM

sounds good other then the fact that you are choosing Ubuntu as the OS. just in case you are unaware ubuntu now comes with default keyloggers that transmit every keystroke back to Canonical(sp?).

This can be disabled, but then who is to say that it is truly disabled...

Id stick with either pure Debain, or RHE(any of its forks work great too like CentOS) just from a pure security stand point.

/quote"Mark Shuttleworth has for the first time talked about the privacy issues in Ubuntu Dash after being criticized by EFF and FSF. He mentioned some changes in the way use can 'disable' the search results. However the company has showed that under no circumstances they will disable the online search by default as demanded by EFF and FSF. Shuttleworth was simply spinning the wheel moving things around to give an impression that something has been done where as the core problem remains — Dash sends keystrokes by default and legally every user agrees to send such keystrokes to server to be shared with partners like Facebook."[/quote]

That is from a few weeks back.

thallium 02-23-2013 12:52 AM

Thanks for the input on the OS. Though I like how ubuntu has introduced me quickly to linux, I may still opt for the Debian or Slackware solution. Since this is not going to be a desktop PC, I think I can afford to dig into another OS.

Habitual 02-23-2013 07:33 AM

Parents and technology. Yeah, that's a great idea. Talk about "total failure".

You don't need a server to just serve files as jefro has said rightly.

thallium 02-25-2013 08:19 PM

Thanks everyone for the advice and harsh comments and all! I reconsidered and definitely will start looking at low power and quiet solutions.

I am copying a lot of DVDs (whole rip) from my parents huge collection. Still new to server stuff, but I am enjoying all the learning.

lleb 02-25-2013 10:18 PM

glad to hear you are enjoying the learning curve. i am still learning every day. it is part of what I LOVE about Linux v MS Windows. the MS world makes things stupid and worse they now claim to OWN your hardware. sorry, but until they pay for my hardware they do not own it.

That is party of why I do not like the Canonical way of business. If they want donations, fine, but do not collect my every keystroke to sell to the likes of FaceBook and what not in order to earn your $$$.

if the software is FOSS, it should damn well better be FREE as in BEER, not full of malware and keyloggers.

This is a largest reason I recommend either pure Debian or CentOS for servers.

Debian if you want more current, but less backwards compatibility.

CentOS (RHE) if you want long term support and reliability, but nothing NEW.

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