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tisource 09-12-2002 10:47 AM

Advice on indexing service

I am managing a linux server that is hosting our web service. It is running very well except for the site search.

I was wondering by chance if there is an indexing service or similar program for linux. I know with Windows 2000/XP you can run an indexing service that speeds up remote and local file searches. Is there something similar out there for linux?

I could set my search up to index everything, but it is a lot of overhead code to deal with, and I think a OS-wide file indexing service would speed the machine up in general.

Any suggestions or advice?

Thanks in advance.

markus1982 09-12-2002 04:01 PM

Well, what about Perlfect Search ( I'm using that one as search engine ...

"Perlfect Search is a sophisticated, powerful, versatile, customizable and effective site indexing/searching suite available under an open source license. It comes as a pair of disctinct scripts. The indexer, that automatically scans and indexes a web site, and the search engine, a cgi script that serves search queries for keywords over the index, and displays results pages in html, in a standard format including title, description and relevance ranking for each matching document. Advanced features include stopwords, a potent exclude mechanism and a handy automatic installation and configuration utility."

tisource 09-13-2002 10:59 AM

That's not exactly the thought I had in mind. The way the site is designed a search like that would add major complexity to the site.

This site is for a newspaper. The main page, index.php, is modularized. If a person wants to view a news article, the index.php calls the proper include file which extracts the contents in the body tag and embeds the article within itself. If a person wants to do a site search, index.php calls the search include file and performs the search, listing the results within index.php. So basically, any site visitor will never leave index.php. The content of the page depends on CGI (GET) parameters.

The site search include scans each file in the search path recursively. It's slow, but it is simple code. It works great, but is slow. I was wondering if there was an operating system-level file indexing service for linux that I could install. This way my scripts would have to be changed because the OS would be indexing the file system on its own.

Well, if there is something out there I'd like to know about it.


jeremy 09-13-2002 11:34 AM

ht://Dig should do what you need. You can also use the google search engine.


vikrammandal 11-24-2003 12:36 AM


I am having the issue. I need to implement a search based on contents of files (html, pdf, and MS Word).

It will very kind of you if you could put some comment on this. Have you got any solution on your issue?

Vikram Mandal.

tisource 11-26-2003 01:28 AM

No, I never really resolved the issue. The problem has been less of a priority lately, and I haven't done much research since.

I have looked into several web indexing programs, but none of them do exactly what I am looking for. I gave the search up temporarily.

If you find anything, let me know.

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