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tisource 08-15-2005 05:55 PM

Advice: consistency in file system permissions
I have a folder that is being accessed, primarily, through FTP and Samba. This folder is NOT the root of the Samba share, or of the FTP root. However, the files in this folder need to be owned and writable by a given user.

The given user does own the folder in question, and has appropriate permissions. However, when subdirectories or new files are created, they are, by default, owned by root (user) and users (group). This is an issue because the given user needs to have full control of the folder

There are solutions to the problem, but none of them give me what I want.

Proposed solutions:
1) Create a shell script that resets the ownership & permissions every X minutes (a cron job) - this might be my best bet, but unless its running every minute, it could leave periods where files made by samba aren't accessible by the FTP user

2) Change samba to force ownership to a specific user. I'm not sold on this idea because it is a share-level setting.

Do you have any advice on the issue? Is there a way to make sure new files created in that directory match the parent directory's ownership and permissions?

leonscape 08-15-2005 06:15 PM

How you tried setting the sticky permission for the directory? when there logging in are they coming in under a special user, or are they coming in as themselves. because usually only root can create root directories.

What might be happening is samba or the ftp is running as root, and its actually these that are creating the directories so they directories are inheriting the programs user, no the user who has logged in.

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