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khermans 07-22-2004 03:59 PM

Accidentaly removed top gnome panel :-(
I went to go remove a gnome applet from the top panel in Gnome 2.6, but accidentally removed the whole panel itself?!?! After searching arounf the past 20 minutes and on forums, nothing turns up how to get it back with all my original settings. Are they lost for good? How can I get the top panel back? I have the bottom panel just fine...

Kristian Hermansen

b0uncer 07-22-2004 04:30 PM

yeah well if you remove a panel, it's settings are deleted, and as far as I know you can't bring them back like magic...just create a new panel (right-click the other panel, then New panel) and add the stuff there manually again.

EDIT: when you click the "New panel", a new panel is automatically added for you - perhaps at the bottom of the screen. after this right-click this new panel and choose Properties, and you can set it to be at the top side of the screen and so on..

sh1ft 07-22-2004 04:30 PM

Welll no, your settings will not be back, you just have to rebuild the panel.

It's easy and takes only a few min, just right click on the bottom panel and choose 'new panel'. :rolleyes:

EDIT: lol damn, someone replied will i was typing this!

khermans 07-22-2004 04:53 PM

Thanks that worked!!! I just couldn't recover my settings, but thanks anyways :-)

Kristian Hermansen

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